AC/DC Power

Autoranging DC power supplies, modular DC, AC and AC DC, 1 & 3 phases. solar cell simulators, network regenerative. Programmable electronic loads DC and AC DC.

Programmable AC / DC power supplies from 240 W to 1 MW, AC / AC + DC from 250 VA to 800 KVA, programmable loads DC, AC. Solar panel simulation systems and power supplies / regenerative loads.

Linear power supplies and AC power amplifiers in the audio and ultrasound frequency range (from 5 Hz to 800 KHz), for general and special use in industry, military institutions, universities and research institutions.

Single phase AC programmable power supplies up to 120kVA, three phase up to 2000kVA. AC power supplies with adjustable frequency 47-63Hz, 50Hz fixed, 60Hz fixed (single phase up to 150kVA and three-phase up to 2000kVA). AC 400Hz power supplies for military and aerospace applications (single phase up to 100kVA and three phase up to 400kVA). Regenerative AC power supplies (three-phase up to 2000kVA). Special cabinets (three-phase up to 2000kVA).
Programmable DC power supplies up to 100kW, Military / Aerospace (28V – 270V up to 18kW). Voltage stabilizers 220 / 380V up to 300kVA.
Automatic three-phase inductive voltage regulators up to 1000kVA.

DC / DC 500 W -100 kW converters, AC / AC power supplies, DC / AC inverters, AC / AC frequency converters, ruggedized UPS. Modular, redundant, fault tolerant, hot bus pluggable. Programmable loads up to 120 kW.

Professional measuring and testing instruments, oscilloscopes, function generators, DC and AC power supplies, DC electronic loads, multimeters. Low prices.

DC / DC converters: modular and standard components for telecom, data processing, industrial control, test equipment, medical, defense. Over 600 standard, semi-custom, custom models. Short lead time, high quality, low prices.