AcculogicATE Flying probe, In circuit and Scan navigator Boundary Scan, innovative and scalable. FLS 980 Dxi, “The Ultimate Probing Machine”, is dual side, configurable up to 22 closed loop probes, with programmable inclination from 6° to -6°, rotation from 0 ° to 360 °, resolution 0.1 micron, for tests functional up to GHz, digital, mixed signals, B.Scan, optical, thermal, microscopic inspection, reverse engineering.

ATE systems for: batteries, high capacity capacitors, solar cells, inverters, battery chargers, LEDs and LED power supplies, transformers.

Company specializing in the development of software solutions for NPIs, for the optimization of assembly, for the production and testing of PCBs with the aim of helping the manufacturers of electronic boards to supply defect-free products.
The TestWay ™ family of electrical testability (DfT) and test coverage analysis tools improves product reliability and quality, taking care of detecting and preventing all defects from design to production.
It combines with QUAD®, an integrated software suite that includes traceability, fault diagnosis and quality management tools, to provide advanced manufacturing services for Industry 4.0. The EMS 4.0 software platform offers enormous advantages in terms of time-to-market, cost reduction, reliability and quality improvements.

ATE for testing, troubleshooting and PCB repair, for Defense, Transportation and for the support and maintenance of electronic equipment for Mission Critical applications. Obsolescence management.

Boundary Scan: testing of boards or systems (std IEEE-1149.1 and later) independent or integrable in ATE; debugging, prototype verification, production testing, maintenance. Also for Flash in-system programming and programmable logic.

SATE AOI for SMT, DIP, LED, Touch Panel boards. FAI systems (First Article Inspection) complete with AOI and automatic probing for RC measurements of components up to 01005 (Imperial).

Teradyne functional ICTs are the fastest, most reliable and highest quality for PCBA testing for automotive, defense, communication, computing and consumer. They reveal structural, functional defects in production or digital, analog and mixed signal components. Ideal for testing single or multisite complex products, inline or offline, modular with numbers of pin up to 15,360.