T&M instrumentation

RF spectrum analyzers up to 9.4 GHz, handheld, USB, outdoor and military, EMC and pre-compliance antennas, near field probes, EMF shielding.

Accelerometers and thermal switches of high reliability and precision, Gyro, IMU (Inertial Measuring Unit).

Hipot testers, transformer and winding test systems, LCR bridges, digital voltmeters, thermal / multifunction datalogger, high precision SMM PXI instrumentation.

Active anti-aliasing, highpass, lowpass, bandpass, bandreject filters. Fixed or programmable telecommunications filters, in DIP packages, in VXI, VME cards or in bench instruments. Amplifiers, sinusoidal oscillators.

Digital multimeters, current clamps, portable LCR bridges, oscilloscopes, infrared cameras, calibrators-meters.

Advanced test equipment in the fields of pressure, temperature, force and other specialized specialized areas. Catalogue :

Bench and VXI instruments: standards and sync / resolver simulators, sync / resolver angle indicators, phase meters, Arinc / RS232 synchronous converters.

VME / VPX chassis, backplanes and platforms for monitoring the health of the systems.

T&M digital oscilloscopes, mixed signals, with integrated generator, RF spectrum analyzers, arbitrary function generators, RF, multimeters, power supplies, loads, DAQ.
www.shopalldata.it, www.rigolitalia.it

STEMlab, compact, unique board, which can replace expensive T & M / DAQ instruments and be used as a development platform. The APPs are based on the web interface that allows you to use it as an oscilloscope, spectrum analyzer, generator, etc without drivers. Being Open Source, the user can transform his HW according to the needs. www.shopalldata.it.
Product documentation: https://alldata.rs/wps/datasheet/redpitaya

LISN tools for EMC pre-compliance testing, EMC probe set, near field CISPR25, LISN, TEM Cells; LISN 240 V,
RF power amplifiers, ESD guns. Environmental and data acquisition sensors.  www.shopalldata.it

Modular matrices, multiplexers, scanners, digital multimeters, A / D and D / A converters, high speed digitizers, arbitrary generators, frequency meters / counters, communication cards, chassis and special instruments in LXI, PXI and, PXI, VXI, VME .